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Why use Swimworld Pool Repairs for your pool crack repairs

Fact: Regardless of weather or season, swimming pools are good stress relievers. For every residential or commercial pool owners, it is always a must to conduct ground inspections regularly. Finding a swimming pool crack can be the most stressful thing that can happen. With these type of problems, it’s always best to call experts for any pool crack repairs.

Kinds of Pool Cracks

Pool cracks can be categorized into two: surface cracks and structural cracks.

Surface cracks, on one hand, are shallow breaks that occur due to shrinking during the curing process of the pool. They’re not really that much of an issue as they can be fixed easily.

While on the other hand, structural cracks are more problematic and might lead to a pool leak. They can be found in different areas of the pool such as on the sides, bottoms, or corners. They may also crack vertically or horizontally. If you already sense some deep cracks in your in-ground pool, call an expert right away.

Causes of Swimming Pool Cracks

Swimming pool cracks are indeed very stressful. There can be many underlying issues behind this:

  • The pool was built or designed incorrectly

Poor construction and workmanship can be one of the worst things that can be behind any pool cracks. It only means more time and more money for maintenance and restructuring.

  • Soil type where pool was built is poor

If the soil in the area is poorly compacted beneath the pool, it can lead to cracks in the future. Not all soil types can be pool-friendly as there are certain types of soils that are more susceptible to cracks, such as clay.

  • The risk of changing weather and environment

Cold causes materials to shrink, while heat causes them to expand.

There can still be a lot of things that can be reasons for every pool cracks. Remember that when you notice a little crack already, don’t wait for it to be bigger anymore.

Introducing Swimworld – the Pool Experts

Swimworld has proven expertise and reputation in in the pool repair industry for years. Any suspicion of leaks, cracks, or other damages – you know who to call right away for any pool crack repairs. Together with our team of experienced technicians and consultants, we are committed to providing transparent and excellent customer service. We can detect small pool cracks right away, and rest assured, we will have it fixed as soon as possible.

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