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Heat Pump Installation for Swimming Pools

What is a heat pump?

Let’s first talk about what heat pumps are before you decide on installing one on your swimming pool. A heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. Thus, they transfer heat from the outdoors into the water itself.

How do you select a heat pump?
There are some variables and factors to consider in choosing the right heat pump for your pool. So, to make sure you have the quality heat pump installation for your swimming pools, consider the following:

  1. The size and surface area of your pool;
  2. The desired temperature of your pool, plus the time of year you wish to your pool with your desired temperature;
  3. Having a pool blanket or not at all;
  4. If and whether your pool is partly or mostly shaded; and
  5. If there are environmental factors that impacts the pump’s efficiency such as elevated position with no wind protection.

Can any pool have a heat pump added?

Yes, any pool can have a heat pump retro fitted to existing filtration systems. However, you should wire a new dedicated circuit to the heat pump’s new location, and rest assured that our qualified technicians will arrange this setup properly.

How do you install a heat pump?

Installing a heat pump in your swimming pool is like having a heater to your shower, or a heater to your air conditioning system. It is always good to have them installed properly to make sure they will work in best conditions.

  1. First, always do a site inspection. In this way, you get to have options on having the most suitable heat pump model and design that will suit your specific installation location.
  2. Next, get the details of the existing filtration plumbing. It will let you retrofit the heat pump required nearby the filtration.
  3. Get a pump controller unit that will run the heat pump independently to the chlorinator. With this, it allows the pool pump to be called upon on demand by either the heat pump or the salt water chlorinator when required.
  4. Finally, calibrate the heat pump to its maximum efficiency through a series of valves and flow rates.

What brands are good for supply and installation?

We recommend heat pumps from Australian-owned companies that have proven to be of great quality. They are proven to give excellent service in heat pump installation for swimming pools. We greatly recommend Madimack & EvoHeat. Indeed, they are reliable with great warranty, along with excellent customer service.

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