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What does a pool skimmer box do?

There are many parts and equipment that keep a pool up and running. It is best to have basic knowledge on how each parts work. Swimming pools, whether you believe it or not, are good investments. So, be sure that you know how each parts and equipment operate to keep your investment on a long-term basis.

In this article, let’s talk about one of the most important parts of a swimming pool – the skimmer box. Let’s discuss what it is, its importance, uses, and repairs.

What is a skimmer box?

A skimmer box is a device that collects surface water and debris from your pool. It also supplies your pool pump with water. And then the water can be filtered and recirculated back to your pool through the pool returns (eyeballs or jets).

What happens if the skimmer box is not functioning properly?

A faulty skimmer box does not let filtration work properly. It can prevent the pool pump from being supplied with enough water. It can also prevent suction-based cleaners and vacuum apparatuses from working correctly. A faulty skimmer box (or suction plumbing line) can starve the pump of water and can cause the motor to burn out.

With this, it makes the pool very difficult to maintain. It prohibits enough circulation to keep the water clear and sanitized.

How does Swimworld Pool Repairs fix skimmer boxes?

For proper pool maintenance with skimmer box care, we at Swimworld Pool Repairs got you!

First, we will need to check the pool’s construction. We need to assess the site for removal and replacement of the skimmer box.

A skimmer box removal is a tricky job that requires experience and specialized tools. The removal of the coping around the skimmer is the first step, followed by careful excavation of the skimmer box with specialized demolition tools. We prefer to remove the faulty skimmer box with smaller tools that don’t compromise the structural integrity of the pool.

Once the faulty skimmer box is removed, a new skimmer can be sized and mounted in the same position. We call this the Swimworld Skimmer Method.

Using a combination of epoxies and high strength mortars, you can be assured that the new skimmer will be installed correctly and will stand the test of time.

The new skimmer box will be plumbed into the existing suction line, unless a fault is found and a new suction line is required.

Once the skimmer is set and plumbed, we can then reinstate the area to look as it did before the faulty skimmer was removed (subject to availability of materials.

Is there a brand or style that Swimworld Pool Repairs recommends?

We prefer to use Waterco Skimmer Boxes. However, in some pools, other skimmer boxes may be recommended due to dimension constraints or other factors.

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