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Pool Underground Plumbing Repairs

What problems typically occur to swimming pool plumbing underground?
Typically problems occur whenever there’s movement in the earth around the plumbing causing the plumbing to break due to excessive force beyond the plumbings capabilities.

Reactive soil is very common around Brisbane and this is also a contributing factor to broken plumbing.

Tree roots and concrete slabs that have dropped due to lack of support are among other reasons the pool plumbing can fail.

How can a customer tell if they have a plumbing problem?

Are you noticing you are topping up your pool more than usual?

Have you noticed a larger than average water bill?

Would you say your pool is losing more than the average evaporation rates for that time of year?

If you are concerned about a leaking pool, we can help guide you to assess whether you need a leak location performed or not.

How does Swimworld Pool Repairs Fix the Problem?

We will liaise with the customer to determine if there seems to be a leak in the swimming pool.

Following this we would perform a leak location test on your pool and report the findings of this test. There are many variables that can cause a swimming pool to leak, so before you begin digging, call us first (it could save a lot of time and money).
Once the leak has been located (usually by ultrasound and pressure testing the plumbing) we can then pinpoint the broken plumbing and cut a small area of earth and/or concrete to access the faulty plumbing. From here we can locate the problem specifically before removing and replacing the faulty plumbing with new pressure pipe and fittings.

The plumbing that has had the fault will always be pressure tested after repair to ensure there are no other problems in that line before we reinstate the area with earth and or concrete and tiles.

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