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Heat Pump Installation for Swimming Pools

What is a heat pump? Let’s first talk about what heat pumps are before you decide on installing one on your swimming pool. A heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. Thus, they transfer heat from the outdoors into the water itself. […]

Pool Underground Plumbing Repairs

What problems typically occur to swimming pool plumbing underground?Typically problems occur whenever there’s movement in the earth around the plumbing causing the plumbing to break due to excessive force beyond the plumbings capabilities. Reactive soil is very common around Brisbane and this is also a contributing factor to broken plumbing. Tree roots and concrete slabs […]

Rust Repairs

What areas of the pool typically Rust?Rust can appear in any concrete swimming pool. It is often referred to as concrete cancer. This is the steel reinforcing inside the concrete structure of your pool corroding, causing a weakness and structural damage to the pool.It can be caused by water finding its way to the steel […]

Swimming Pool Plumbing, Filtration Installation and Relocation

Who doesn’t like swimming during the summer, right? Not just during summer, but all throughout every season, swimming is a go-to relaxation. This is the reason why most people really invest on having their own swimming pools in their backyards. Whether your pool is big or small, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is that […]

What does a pool skimmer box do?

There are many parts and equipment that keep a pool up and running. It is best to have basic knowledge on how each parts work. Swimming pools, whether you believe it or not, are good investments. So, be sure that you know how each parts and equipment operate to keep your investment on a long-term […]

Why you need an Acid Wash to Clean your Swimming Pool

Does your pool look off? Does it have a lot of stains that are making it look very dirty? Do you scrub and scrub often but it still looks dirty? Sounds like it’s about time you should acid wash your swimming pool. But wait, what is an acid wash? Before you decide you have it […]